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Category: Learning Center Videos

Neuringer, Allen. Epicurus and B. F. Skinner: Uncommon Resemblances and Springboards to the Futur. Presentation plus 1 BACB CE credit.

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This talk identifies aspects of Epicurean philosophy that are related to the ideas promoted by B. F. Skinner. A Greek philosopher who lived at the time of Plato and Aristotle, Epicurus was an empiricist who maintained that lawful interactions among atoms were the bases for all things, including physical, biological, and behavioral. He also posited that atoms swerved randomly, this providing for voluntary actions and the creation of novel things. Epicurus argued against soul (in contemporary terms, mind or cognitions) being independent of body, and against superstitious beliefs, including life-after-death and godly influences on humankind. Animals shared, according to Epicurus, many of the same attributes as humans, and he posited that life existed on many worlds other than our own. Epicurus created and lived in a utopian community, the Garden, that was similar in many ways to Walden II�-in its emphasis on work and simple rewards; in avoiding aversives and emphasizing positives; and in its inclusion of all members of society, rich and poor, women and men. This talk will compare Skinner and Epicurus and explore why their common views may be helpful to us as individuals, to our culture, and to our world.

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