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Category: Learning Center Videos

Lattal, K. M. Enhancing Extinction by Targeting Molecular Processes Involved in Learning. Presentation plus 1 BACB/PSY CE credit.

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Many studies of Pavlovian conditioning have demonstrated that conditioned behavior can be eliminated when previously established relations between stimuli are severed. This extinction process has been extremely important for the development of learning theories and, more recently, for delineating the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie memory. A key finding from behavioral studies of extinction is that extinction eliminates behavior without eliminating the original memory; extinguished behavior often returns with time or with a return to the context in which the original learning occurred. This persistence of the original memory after extinction creates a challenge for clinical applications that use extinction as part of a treatment intervention. Consequently, a goal of recent neurobiological research on extinction is to identify potential pharmacological targets that may result in persistent extinction. Drugs that promote epigenetic changes are particularly promising because they can result in a long-term molecular signal that, combined with the appropriate behavioral treatment, can cause persistent changes in behavior induced by extinction. I will review some of these findings and describe the ways in which extinction enhancing drugs can impact behavior and brain function.


Review K. Matthew Lattal’s biographical statement.

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