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John A. (Tony) Nevin

Nevin Tony

University of New Hampshire


John A. (Tony) Nevin was a professor at the University of New Hampshire. Between 1962 and 2005 he published 57 papers in JEAB, and many others elsewhere. He served a term as editor of JEAB and a term as associate editor, and spent many years on the board of editors. He worked in two major areas: (1) in understanding conditional discrimination, in which he, his students, and his collaborators contributed extensively, both empirically and theoretically, to a series of important quantitative models of discrimination; and (2) in developing momentum theory, which concerns the appropriate measurement of response strength. This led to a series of empirical papers in which the theory was applied to diverse situations and subjects, including humans. His most recent contribution brought these two theories together in a single model. He also edited, with George S. Reynolds, an excellent teaching book titled The Study of Behavior. Dr. Nevin was a consistent contributor to ABAI and other BA conventions and conferences, where he was always accessible and at which he often spoke about his other life interest, peace. His work has been very extensively cited, and his contributions were enormous in more ways than can be counted.




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