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Julian C. Leslie

LeslieFellow2018University of Ulster


Dr. Julian C. Leslie received his D.Phil. in psychology from Oxford University in 1974. He has spent most of his career at the University of Ulster, where he is a professor of psychology. For more than four decades, Dr. Leslie has been investigating topics in the experimental analysis of behavior, applied behavior analysis, psychopharmacology, behavioral neuroscience, experimental psychology, and applied psychology. More recently his work has included strategies to address environmental and ethical issues. Dr. Leslie’s scores of publications are known for their characteristic thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and eye toward how his behavior analytic work relates to broader issues in the discipline and to both general psychology and the larger world. It is noteworthy that some of Dr. Leslie’s research (e.g., his recent work on electricity use reduction) is specifically designed to measure the impact of behavioral procedures in natural settings. Dr. Leslie is a distinguished teacher, and he has contributed significantly to the dissemination of both experimental and applied behavior analysis in Ireland and around the world. He has had a major impact through a series of textbooks, including one of the first on the experimental analysis of behavior, Principles of Behavioral Analysis (with J. R. Millenson in 1979), Essential Behaviour Analysis (2002), and Principles of Behavioral Analysis (2008). His work related to the organization of behavior analysis in Europe also attests to the impact of his scholarship. Dr. Leslie was a founder of the Irish Association for Behaviour Analysis (now the Division of Behaviour Analysis, Psychological Society of Ireland) as well an early member of the UK Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group, an organization that was instrumental is setting up the European Association for Behaviour Analysis.

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