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Nathan Azrin

Azrin Nathan


Literally hundreds of research publications—on topics ranging from basic research on aversive control, reinforcement schedules, and verbal behavior to applied experimentation on the treatment of enuresis, tics, and a wide array of other problematic, stigmatizing, and maladaptive behaviors—give testimony to Nathan Azrin’s outstanding contribution to research in behavior analysis. In his role as director of several stellar research laboratories (at Anna State Hospital, Nova University), as editor of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, as founding father (with others) of the Midwestern Association for Behavior Analysis (now ABAI), as a prime mover in designing the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and as a member of a multitude of research support and policy panels and committees, Azrin also helped to set and guide our field's research agenda and methodologies. He was an investigative scholar for all seasons.




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