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Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Between Behavior Analysts and Speech-Language Pathologists

The Practice Board of the Association for Behavior Analysis International is excited to share this Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Between Behavior Analysts and Speech-Language Pathologists resource document with you. The purpose of this resource document is to provide guidance to professional behavior analysts about how to work collaboratively with their speech-language pathology colleagues. The document outlines considerations regarding scope of practice and scope of competence to inform your interprofessional interactions and the interdisciplinary team decisions in which you participate. 


Behavior analysts should practice in a manner that aligns with the interprofessional collaboration competencies so that their expertise in the science of human behavior can be combined with the unique expertise of speech-language pathologists to produce socially meaningful improvements in clients’ lives. 


We express appreciation to the workgroup, led by Dr. Trina Spencer, for donating their time and ensuring the document accurately reflects statements about behavior analysis and speech-language pathology. We are also grateful for the support of American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), who has provided outstanding leadership to all health professions regarding Interprofessional Practice and Interprofessional Education.


Workgroup Members

Trina D. Spencer, PhD, BCBA-D

Lina Slim, PhD, BCBA-D, CCC-SLP

Teresa Cardon, PhD, BCBA-D, CCC-SLP

Lindee Morgan, PhD, CCC-SLP




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