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Practitioner Webinar Series


Beguiling SDs


Mickey Keenan, Ulster University


Every published manuscript of a study in the experimental analysis of behaviour requires attention to detail in the description of the experimental contingencies that were arranged, and rightly so. The resulting Method section of the manuscript then adds to a rule-based printed library associated with dissemination practices. This webinar argues that attention to detail is something we should also encourage when designing SDs intended for addressing audiences new to behaviour analysis. Because there are many avenues that result in people coming into contact with behaviour analysis for the first time, it is important that teachers can avail of a variety of resources to help manage the integration of philosophical, experimental, and applied branches or our science. However, while there is a broad range of printed material available for each of these branches, less attention has been given to harnessing the advantages of using a multimedia environment for integrating them. A multimedia environment presents opportunities and challenges beyond the traditional reliance on text alone. This webinar presents examples of these opportunities and challenges. The goal is to encourage colleagues to upskill in basic graphic design and to introduce them to new opportunities made available by relatively simple animation software and software for the creation of 3D environments. In effect, it is argued that the beguiling SDs associated with the maintenance of mentalism need to be countered with carefully designed SDs that encourage a different way of looking at the world. Familiarity with design issues in a multimedia environment will help bring student learning under control in a way that is not possible with text alone.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how the role of the scientific image has been undervalued in the dissemination of conceptual issues in behaviour analysis;
  • Recognise the disadvantages of relying solely on text in the design of SDs for teaching conceptual issues in behaviour analysis;
  • Recognise the advantages of multimedia in the design of SDs for teaching conceptual issues in behaviour analysis;
  • Identify a variety of digital tools for creating SDs to supplement textual material used for teaching conceptual issues in behaviour analysis.



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