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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

Instructions for the ABAI Workshop eTicket System

To streamline the ticketing process and support sustainability efforts, ABAI is using e-tickets for workshops. To enter a workshop, you will be required to present your e-ticket on your mobile device; if you do not have a mobile device, please print your ticket at home and bring it with you. Workshop tickets will not be issued on site.


Quick Start

  1. Tap the MY WORKSHOPS button on the home page of the ABAI Events app.
  2. Log in with your ABAI Portal account username and password.
  3. Scroll to the eTicket for the workshop you are attending.
  4. Tap the CHECK IN button when you arrive for the workshop. You can only check in once.
  5. Tap the CHECK OUT button when the workshop is done (or you leave). You can check out multiple times.
  6. Tap the Rating section to leave a star rating - tap SAVE to save the rating.
  7. Enter relevant comments about the workshop - tap SAVE to save the comments.




Get the ABAI Events app here:

Android: Get it on Google Play™—for Android phones and tablets.

iOS: iTunes—for your iPhone® or iPad®.


NOTE: You do not need a smartphone to use the system; any modern computer with a browser and Internet access will suffice.




Contact ABAI staff at the registration desk with questions and to correct CHECK IN and OUT times.

You can also email for help after the conference.



Detailed Instructions




1) Install and open the ABAI Events app on your smart phone.


If you are only attending workshops, you do not need to sign in to the ACCOUNT/MEMBER INFORMATION portion of the app. Signing into that section will not sign you into eTickets.


2 ) Tap the MY WORKSHOPS button on the lower-right side of the home screen of the app.


the home screen of the ABAI Events app



3) Sign in to the Workshop eTickets system using your ABAI Portal user name and password.


the login screen of the workshop eTicket page



4) The page displays a screen similar to this after you sign in.


the check in screen of the workshop eTicket page




Workshop Number Button


Tap this button before you enter the workshop to display the workshop number to the assistant to be admitted to the workshop.



Check-In & Check-out Instructions


1) Tap the CHECK IN button when you arrive.

You can check in while you are standing in line.

You cannot check in more than 15 minutes before the beginning of the workshop.

You can only check in once.



2) Tap the CHECK OUT button when you leave the workshop.

You do not need to check out for breaks (personal or otherwise).

You can check out more than once. The page only saves the last checkout.

You must check out on the same day of the workshop.



3) Rating and Comments

Please leave feedback for the presenter!

You cannot leave feedback until you check in.

Tap the Rating box to leave a star rating from 1 to 5, 5 being best.

Type a comment into the Comment text box.

Tap the SAVE button to save your rating and comment.

You can change the rating and comments after saving them.



4) Go to another workshop

Scroll the screen up and down or tap the PREV and NEXT buttons to go from one workshop eTicket to another.



"More" Options


Clicking on the "More" button opens a menu with further options.


the more menu of the Workshop eTicket


1) "Add" button

Allows you to temporarily register for a workshop to be admitted without paying the registration fee. You are expected to pay the fee later.


a screenshot of the Add Temporary Registration page


Use this page when you do not have enough time to register before the check in time. This creates a temporary registration record you can use to check in and out.

Be aware that seating and materials may be limited in many workshops and that the workshop presenter makes the final decision regarding your admittance.

If admitted, you are expected to pay for the workshop as soon as it is convenient.


2) "Remove" button

Removes the current temporary workshop eTicket.


3) "Log Out" button

Logs you out of the workshop eTicket system. Takes you to the login page.


4) "Refresh" button

Reloads the workshop tickets. You do not need to sign in again.



Closes this page.

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