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38th Annual Convention; Seattle, WA; 2012

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Invited Tutorial #409
CE Offered: BACB
Teaching Safety Skills to Individuals With Disabilities
Monday, May 28, 2012
4:00 PM–4:50 PM
303/304 (TCC)
Area: DDA/AUT; Domain: Applied Research
BACB CE Offered. CE Instructor: Raymond G. Miltenberger, Ph.D.
Chair: Anjali Barretto (Gonzaga University)
Presenting Authors: : RAYMOND G. MILTENBERGER (University of South Florida)

Children and adults with disabilities may be exposed to various safety threats in their lifetimes. These include the threat of abduction, sexual abuse, firearm injury, poisoning, and pedestrian injuries to name a few. This presentation will discuss best practices in assessment and training of safety skills for the various safety threats faced by individuals with disabilities. Topics covered in this tutorial will include strategies for valid and reliable assessment of safety skills with an emphasis on the use of naturalistic or in situ assessments; the selection of target behavior and stimuli needed for successful training; the successful use of behavioral skills training procedures and variations for the acquisition of safety skills; and strategies for promoting generalization and maintenance of the safety skills to the environments and circumstances where the safety skills are needed. Finally, issues of cost, efficiency, and accessibility of training will be discussed.

Instruction Level: Basic
Target Audience:


Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to: 
  • Describe the safety threats faced by individuals with disabilities and the safety skills needed to respond safely to these threats 
  • Describe the strategies for assessing safety skills
  • Describe behavioral skills training and in situ training for teaching safety skills
  • Describe strategies for promoting generalization of safety skills
RAYMOND G. MILTENBERGER (University of South Florida)
Ray Miltenberger received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Western Michigan University in 1985. He is the director of the Applied Behavior Analysis Master�s Program at the University of South Florida. Dr. Miltenberger is a Fellow and past president of the Association for Behavior Analysis International. He serves (or has served) on the editorial boards of JABA, Journal of Behavioral Education, Behavioral Interventions, the Behavior Analyst, and Journal of Positive Behavioral Interventions and is the Literature Review Editor for Education and Treatment of Children. Dr. Miltenberger�s research focuses on safety skills, staff training and management, behavior analysis in sports and fitness, and functional assessment and treatment of problem behaviors. He has published over 185 journal articles and chapters, has co-edited a text on analysis and treatment of tics and repetitive behavior disorders, and has written a behavior modification textbook, now in its fifth edition. Dr. Miltenberger has received a number of awards for his teaching and research including the 2008 APA Division 25 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Applied Behavioral Research and the 2009 Outstanding Mentorship Award from the Association for Behavior Analysis International.



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