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38th Annual Convention; Seattle, WA; 2012

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Panel #41
CE Offered: BACB
Exploring the Frontiers of Behavior Analysis and Technology
Saturday, May 26, 2012
2:00 PM–3:20 PM
618/619 (Convention Center)
Area: EDC/TPC; Domain: Service Delivery
CE Instructor: Janet S. Twyman, Ph.D.
Chair: April Heimlich Stretz (DYMO| Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies)
T. V. JOE LAYNG (DYMO|Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies)
JANET S. TWYMAN (University of Massachusetts E.K. Shriver Center)
KAREN L. MAHON (Disrupt Learning)
ZACHARY LAYNG (DYMO| Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies)

We live in a mobile, digital age. Exciting new technologies (e.g., software development, social networking, smart phones, interactive whiteboards, tablet computers, remote controllers) are used in education, medicine, organizational behavior, self-management, personal improvement, and numerous other domains, but rarely with the benefit of a thoroughgoing behavior analytic model. The panelists have successful history of using behavioral contingencies to build and support products, and will offer perspectives on the current and future interaction between behavioral technology (based on a thoroughgoing contingency analysis and rooted in solid instructional design) and emerging hardware and software technologies made possible through advances in computer science, robotics, engineering, neurology, and many other fields. Opportunities and options for advancing both behavioral science and the applications of new technologies will be discussed.

Keyword(s): emerging technology, instructional design, interactive devices, interlocking contingencies



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