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38th Annual Convention; Seattle, WA; 2012

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Paper Session #10
From Small n Research to NIH funding of a Randomized Control Trial
Saturday, May 26, 2012
1:00 PM–1:20 PM
4C-3 (Convention Center)
Area: CBM
Chair: Scott T. Gaynor (Western Michigan University)

A Programmatic Approach to Doing Applied Behavior Analysis in the Dental Clinic: From Small-N Research to NIH Funding of a Randomized Control Trial

Domain: Applied Research
KEITH D. ALLEN (Munroe-Meyer Institute)

In 1986, we began a program of applied research exploring how to manage the disruptive behavior of children undergoing restorative dental treatment. Over the next 25 years, In a series of small-N experiments, we demonstrated the effective application of contingent negative reinforcement in both analogue and natural dental settings, first by applied behavior analysts (JABA, 1987) and then by dentists themselves (JABA 1992). We then demonstrated more practical applications of negative reinforcement to manage disruptive behavior by using noncontingent reinforcement (JABA, 2006). Those studies became the foundation for an NIH funded grant that evaluated the NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR) procedure in a large randomized controlled trial. In this paper we will review this program of research, including data from the completed NIH project, and show how applied behavior analysts can develop a program of research that meets the goals of our own science as well as those of the larger scientific community and their interests in generality and transportability.




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