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34th Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2008

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Panel #35
CE Offered: BACB
Have a Burning Question You Feel Like You Can Never Ask? Ask!
Saturday, May 24, 2008
1:00 PM–2:20 PM
Area: OBM; Domain: Service Delivery
CE Instructor: Manuel A. Rodriguez, M.S.
Chair: Manuel A. Rodriguez (Continuous Learning Group)
ALLAN QUIAT (Chevron Corporation)
BILL L. HOPKINS (Auburn Emeritus)
JUDY L. AGNEW (Aubrey Daniels International)

There are many times we go to bed at night wishing we would have asked a question or posed a comment. These burning questions may be the very questions that, upon answering, would help Organizational Behavior Management grow. You may ask these questions to one or a few of your colleagues during coffee, drinks, or whatever "water coolers" you feel comfortable with. By limiting the conversations to few, OBM as a field may lose sight and touch of the key questions that can drive our field forward. The panel consists Judy Agnew (ADI), Bill Hopkins (Auburn Emeritus), Allan Quiat (Chevron Corporation), and Tracy Thurkow (CLG). This panel will address your burning questions. Come with your questions and thoughts that are burning to come outand be prepared to have fun while doing it.




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