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34th Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2008

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Paper Session #84
Applying Precision Teaching in Public and Private School Settings
Saturday, May 24, 2008
4:00 PM–4:50 PM
Williford B
Area: EDC
Chair: Alison L. Moors (Academy for Precision Learning)
Becoming a Precision Teaching Program in a Public Agency.
Domain: Applied Research
ELIZABETH A. SWATSKY (Stanislaus County Office of Education)
Abstract: Stanislaus County Office of Education's Autism Inclusion Program is becoming a precision teaching program. The paper will discuss the steps taken to do so. The paper will also present data on increasing the number of standard celeration charts and the number of chart-based decisions. This paper will use Carl Binder's 6 boxes to analyze the entire process.
The Academy for Precision Learning: Helping Kids Reach Their Full Potential with Applied Behavior Analysis.
Domain: Applied Research
ALISON L. MOORS (Academy for Precision Learning), Susan K. Malmquist (Private Practice)
Abstract: The Academy for Precision Learning is a private, non-profit elementary program focused on applying the teaching technologies derived from the field of applied behavior analysis to an inclusive student population. With a special emphasis on Precision Teaching data collection procedures, APL meshes the state standards and benchmarks for grade level content areas with empirically validated curriculum and analytic individualization for each learner. This paper will illustrate the academic and social progress data from APL students, as well as the school’s behavior analytic approach to staff training and creating the infrastructure of a new school.



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