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33rd Annual Convention; San Diego, CA; 2007

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Symposium #149
CE Offered: BACB
How to be Successful Using Headsprout Early Reading with Diverse Populations
Sunday, May 27, 2007
9:00 AM–10:20 AM
America's Cup AB
Area: EDC; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Betty Hanson (Private Tutor)
Discussant: David W. Anderson (Headsprout)
CE Instructor: Mary Huffstetter, Ph.D.

Headsprout Early Reading is a demonstrably effective program at teaching elementary school children how to read. Its eighty on-line lessons take a beginning reader from being a non-reader to a reader performing at about the mid second grade level in approximately thirty hours of instruction. Since its inception, however, creative educators have crafted implementation strategies, additional materials, and clever models of use to bring the benefits of Headsprout Early reading to an even broader audience. This symposium highlights applications and implementation support for users not typically well served with traditional educational approaches to the teaching of reading.

Using Headsprout Early Reading to Build a Culture of Reading.
JOHN E. HUMPHREY (Cedar Rapids Schools)
Abstract: When Headsprout Early Reading becomes part of the everyday routine of students and school faculty it can be a major influence on building a culture of reading. While Headsprout Early Reading has continued to be supplemental, the school has embraced a way to use Headsprout so that not only are students learning to read via the computer and in a classroom, but also they are becoming confident readers so that when paired with older students everyone is working together to learn and be successful. Included are data, videos, war stories, and thoughts from working with over 100 students with Headsprout.
Using Headsprout Early Reading with Pre-K and Struggling Older Learners.
MARY HUFFSTETTER (Literacy Launchers)
Abstract: This presentation describes the use of Headsprout Early Reading with both pre-k at risk learners and with older struggling readers. The presentation will provide summative evaluation data from randomized controlled studies and work performed by the author in developing effective implementation strategies that can help ensure success with these types of learners.
Using Headsprout Early Reading with Difficult to Teach Special Education Populations.
SUSAN O. SMETHURST (Toronto Schools)
Abstract: Special education has often been characterized by creative uses of curricular and other materials to teach hard to reach learners. This presentation will demonstrate how Headsprout Early Reading can be augmented to reach students who have not been helped by other methods. The presentation will provide case studies in the customized use of Headsprout Early Reading with their difficult to teach learners.



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