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30th Annual Convention; Boston, MA; 2004

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Invited Paper Session #202
CE Offered: None

The 2004 OBM Network Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation: The Chamber of Commerce Made Me Do It: Pearley School--How/Why I Got Involved in OBM

Sunday, May 30, 2004
1:30 PM–2:20 PM
Liberty B
Area: OBM; Domain: Applied Research
CE Instructor: Jared A. Chase, Psy.D.
Chair: Jared A. Chase (University of Nevada, Reno)
D. CHRIS ANDERSON (1934-2003), Charles R. Crowell (University of Notre Dame)
Dr. Anderson received his PhD in Experimental Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) from the joint program offered by University of Oregon Medical School and University of Portland in 1963. After earning his degree, he held three post-doctoral NIMH research fellowships: at Stanford Medical School (1965-1971), University of Southern California (1975), and at University of Minnesota (1976). Dr. Anderson held appointments at the Menninger Foundation and Washburn University (1963-1965); Brigham Young University (1965-1967); and finally, at the University of Notre Dame (1967-1996), where he was Professor Emeritus until has death on December 19, 2003. Dr. Anderson authored approximately 90 publications, two textbooks on the methods of experimental psychology, a monograph in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and several chapters in edited books. He delivered more than 100 presentations at scientific conventions, and was awarded nearly $1.2 M in research grants or contracts. Funding for these grants and contracts came from sources such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) for his basic research, and from Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Hillshire Farms, Donnelly Press, and many other companies for his organizational research.

Chiding from the local Chamber about doing relevant research shamed Chris into taking on an all Afro-American 6th grade class (Pearley School) described as out of control as a first venture into applied behavior analysis. The presentation describes his unexpected success and how it led to escalating involvement in over 400 business/organizational OBM projects (some more complete than others), a graduate program, some really intricate OBM doctoral applications, and collaboration with truly talented student-researchers. Now, some 35 y later, OBM may be faced with a so-called paradigm shift. Some of Chriss final reflections on this shift will be presented.




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