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10th International Conference; Stockholm, Sweden; 2019

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Poster Session #56
CSS Poster Session
Sunday, September 29, 2019
5:30 PM–7:00 PM
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Level 4, Balcony
34. Behavioral Community Interventions in Social Work Education
Area: CSS; Domain: Applied Research
CHRISTOPH F. BÖRDLEIN (University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt)
Abstract: Behavioral social work is the application of behavior analysis to the field of social work. There are behavioral social work interventions for individuals, groups and communities. Nevertheless, behavioral social work is far from a widely adopted approach among social work practitioners. A reason for the underuse might be seen in the fact that most interventions in behavioral social work aim at individual clients and groups. Social work could further benefit from the application of methods taken from behavioral community interventions. Behavioral community interventions modify the behavior of a larger group of people (e.g. pedestrians using a crosswalk, cafeteria patrons, students using a university building) with antecedent- and consequence-focused interventions. The poster presents a training program for social work students in behavioral community interventions. Results of two projects, undergraduate students designed and performed, are presented. In project 1 students tried to reduce the amount of disposal coffee mugs used in a university cafeteria. Project 2 was aimed at increasing the rate of paper waste recycling in a university building. Behavioral community interventions are recommended as a valuable part of the education of social workers.



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