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46th Annual Convention; Online; 2020

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Paper Session #397
ABA Practice in a Medically Oriented Rehabilitation Setting
Monday, May 25, 2020
3:00 PM–3:20 PM
Area: CBM
Chair: Gerald McKeegan (Friends Hospital)
ABA Practice in a Medically Oriented Rehabilitation Setting
Domain: Service Delivery
GERALD MCKEEGAN (Friends Hospital)
Abstract: Interventions based on the principles of Applied behavior analysis are used to treat a variety of disabilities and deficits in independent living and functioning stemming from many etiologies. Applied behavior analysts apply basic behavioral practices that improve language and social interaction. Practitioners of ABA support rehabilitation and independent living among age groups from childhood to older adults. The purpose of the present paper is to outline the behaviors and interventions that an analyst encounters in a rehabilitation setting that is medical in orientation and services. ABA can be utilized in such a setting regardless of the diagnoses of the individuals. Working with other disciplines such as physical, occupational, and speech therapies, neuropsychology, as well as nursing can advance the implementation of ABA in rehabilitative settings to achieve beneficial outcomes for the individuals receiving services. Finally, the challenges and opportunities to extend an ABA focused practice will be described. Recommendations for future practice in the field of rehabilitation will be given.



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