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Seventh International Conference; Merida, Mexico; 2013

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Paper Session #11
Philosophical History of Psychology
Monday, October 7, 2013
10:00 AM–10:20 AM
Yucatan III (Fiesta Americana)
Presentation Language:Spanish
Area: TPC
Chair: Dulce M Bazán Canales (Universidad Popular Autonoma De Veracruz)

Philosophical History of Psychology

Domain: Theory
DULCE M BAZÁN CANALES (Universidad Popular Autonoma de Veracruz)

We know that there is not psychology without philosophy are sisters sciences, gave way to one another, hence the importance of time and illustrate the contributions that were made to this. The world is full of questions and the men of the time dedicated to finding solutions to all these questionings. This paper illustrates the origins of psychology through philosophers who laid the foundations of this science. This issue is of vital importance to students of psychology, because knowing where we come from to know where we are going. This poster is a tribute to those men whose wisdom created thoughs theories that later became the major schools of psychology. It is a journey from the contributions of Socrates, Plato, Anaxagoras, Protagoras, Aristotle, among other characters whose thinking changed the world's perception. Who are we? What are we made ??of? How do we know? What if being a Tabula rasa born? Or born with the knowledge in our minds? The pedagogical usefulness of this poster lies in giving a graphical view of the early history of psychology will be of great interest to students and scholars in this field. A look from the point of view of a college student, clear dialogue, concrete, clean, straightforward. A journey through time, a lookback review of our ancestors, curious and eager for knowledge. The search for truth through a righteous life, full of sacrifices, the fight for the beautiful, the good, the right, being true to yourself and your thoughts. The philosopher gives his life for his beliefs, for his vision of life, teaches without receiving anything in return, the real world is the world of thought, because reality is constantly changing, not bathe twice in the same river. We fall in love of wisdom, never lose that curiosity, teachers emulate philosophers and question, never believe that we have all the wisdom, humility and learning from errors and right and these men. Psychology students and professors should encourage this same desire to learn, to teach, to live without fear of error, since the error opens new ground, that's how we learn. They explored the profundides of mind, toured every corner of reason, met and got to know his motives and got our own reasons. Being a student of psychology is to be a humanist, is to be interested in the physical and mental health of the patient is caring for others yet to realize their own interests. These philosophers, their life and work are an example to us today. We most emulated them.




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